Friday, July 01, 2005

Tufts Nutrition magazine on the Dietary Guidelines

The online edition of Tufts Nutrition magazine, posted just recently, includes interviews with several graduates about the new Dietary Guidelines. For example, Amy Barr, M.S., Ed.M., R.D. (G78):

For decades, we have been promoting the concept of balance, variety and moderation (BVM). True, considering the growing problems of global obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease—not just in First World countries, but in developing nations and cultures as well—suddenly, it seems, we’ve realized that the triple concept of BVM has fallen short of achieving better health and nutrition.

Yet could the pendulum be swinging back wildly in the direction of dining denial, self-righteous eating and nutrition nannyism? As a registered dietitian who is proud to say that I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of the food world from furrow to fork, I was taken aback recently when a colleague suggested that we designate certain products “hazard foods.” The comment followed a discussion by dietitians who claimed that, indeed, there are “bad” foods and “good” foods and that the former should be avoided, period!

The magazine also includes Dean Eileen Kennedy's preview of a possible new fellowship for excellent incoming Ph.D. students.

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