Sunday, January 08, 2006

Food weblog awards

The voting period for the friendly annual awards program for food weblogs, hosted by Accidental Hedonist, is now underway. You may vote until January 18.

The finalists in a category for weblogs that cover the food industry are:
-- Fast Food News,
-- The Food Whore,
-- News You Can Eat,
-- Saute Wednesday, and
-- U.S. Food Policy (this weblog).

The best thing about the awards program is the wide list of interesting food-related weblogs on the finalist's page, conveniently sorted according to their respective strengths. I have long read Fast Food News. The Food Whore has very funny writing. News You Can Eat is a good source for food industry and new product information. Saute Wednesday includes a nicely selected aggregation of food news, plus San Francisco - based editor Bruce Cole's own reviews and commentary.

The folks at Accidental Hedonist also have a hand in starting the ambitious new Well Fed Network, essentially an interlinked family of food weblogs. Several people whose weblogs have long been in our sidebar appear to be contributors. Take a look!

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tg said...

damn! wish i hadn't been so selfish and voted for myself already. cuz you are very generous in spirit to post all the nominees in our category! so here i make my plea: VOTE FOR U.S. FOOD POLICY as the best blog to report on the Food Industry! yeah!