Friday, February 24, 2006

More food policy children's music

In response to earlier posts on children's music with nutrition themes, the comments have some fine additions. Barbara from Tigers and Strawberries and the new Paper Palate (part of the Well Fed network) suggests "On Top of Spaghetti" and, from the old Schoolhouse Rock, "Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese." Devont, the children's music weblogger (yes there does exist a specialist children's music weblogger) offers his favorite quote from Timer, the wedge of cheese in the Schoolhouse Rock piece.

A student writes to recommend Dr. Carl Winter's food safety music site. The web page claims he is a "serious toxicologist," but we suspect he actually has a bit of a silly streak.

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Barbara Fisher said...

Dr. Carl Winter is my new hero.

That is too funny. Wish he had been around for my food safety certification class at J&W. Wed' have had fun with that!