Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A New York Times trifecta

Jack from Fork & Bottle, one of our favorite correspondents here at U.S. Food Policy, sends three links to sharp reporting in the New York Times recently.
Mickey junkfood might be history (but only "might"?).

And then this is scary: Kindergarteners start puberty. Good thing none of these kids could get any hormones in the food they eat, huh?!

And, another reason not to drink Coke.
This last article, suggesting an association between cola consumption and lower bone density in older women, draws on the recent work by Dr. Katie Tucker, director of the epidemiology program at my school, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The Times writes:
“Our study is just one epidemiological finding, and it doesn’t prove causation,” said Katherine L. Tucker, the lead author of the paper and director of the nutritional epidemiology program at Tufts. Still, she added, “women who are concerned about osteoporosis should avoid drinking cola regularly.”