Saturday, August 15, 2009

US Food Policy makes Culinate's top ten list

Our friends at Culinate, a progressive food awareness blog, posted: "Learn more about your food: ten websites that will help you eat with greater awareness." We are honored to be included in the list at number 10. Here is what they have to say:
Although it can at times be a little wonky, Parke Wilde’s blog U.S. Food Policy is a good stop for those interested in policy. (To a certain extent, we all should be.) A food economist at Tufts University, Wilde has help maintaining his blog from a couple of others; together, their posts — such as a recent one that maps 10 U.S. food-policy destinations using Google Maps — enlighten and clarify.
We are also amused to be tagged as "a little wonky."


Anonymous said...

Congrats on both making the list and being "a little wonky"!

Amy said...

What does it mean that your "wonky" blog is probably the most serious food blog I read? Also, congrats!