Monday, February 15, 2010

The Friedman Sprout

I have been enjoying the Friedman School graduate student publication, The Friedman Sprout.

One recent article offers Caroline Carney's advice on eating local in New England in winter.
Historically, New Englanders have always been culinarily challenged in the winter months, forced to be creative with what the cold earth offers up. Cooks must know what local foods are at their peak, or at close. The foods that do survive are those hearty, rugged compatriots who have always been there for us: tubers, brawny leafy greens, sturdy root vegetables, members of the strongly-scented allium family, and those thick-skinned, nearly invincible gourds. Winter is also an opportune time to experiment with local seafood offerings. These same old winter foods can provide inspiration that will make for a happy and healthy winter season.
A companion piece by Kelly Dumke has suggested resources, including winter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares.

Amy Scheuerman reviews the Redbones restaurant in Somerville. Sarah Olliges explains the new WIC package. And Marina Komarovsky and Ashley Colpaart discuss the raw milk controversy from, respectively, a scientific and policy perspective.


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