Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What strange planet have I landed on?

One month into weblogging, I must say I had NO idea what I was missing. First, you can see from these posts about the Monster Thickburger (1,2) that some other webloggers on the food beat are more fun to read (note to self: can you LOSE the self-righteous sincerity?). Do read them. Second, I won't try to keep up with all the food weblogs listed on Kiplog's Foodblog (1,2,3). But I do promise to add a blogroll to the right-hand column as soon as time permits. Third, forgive the delay while I slowly catch up with basic features like trackback. Perhaps after the Spring semester. As a low-tech solution, here are some weblogs that have commented on articles in U.S. Food Policy (1,2,3), plus I almost don't want to mention this fascinating weblog about eating well called A Full Belly, which essentially called me a nerd.

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