Friday, September 16, 2005

Information sources for community food security

Hugh Joseph, Ph.D., who directs the New Entry Sustainable Farming Program at the Friedman School, has been circulating a nice collection of newsletters and other information sources about community food security and sustainable agriculture. In most of these web pages, there is a link to sign up for a newsletter or periodical.
The New Farm: Farmer-to-farmer Know-how from the Rodale Institute. Also a great website for organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming resources.

Potluck News below is posted monthly by Nefood - a listserve for the Northeast. It is a useful listserve for those interested in sustainable ag. issues in the region, with announcments of resources, events, etc. and sometimes articles and discussions.Posting level is low-to-moderate - about 2-4 times a week at most. Subscribing information is here.

NSAAS News Gleanings. Northeast States Association for Agricultural Stewardship, an affiliate of The Council of State Governments' Eastern Regional Conference.

This e-magazine's focus is on nutrition for the consumer. The September issue of CONSUMER MAGAZINES DIGEST which summarizes selected nutrition and food-related articles from 50 current consumer US and Canadian magazines is now posted here (.pdf). The site home page has links at lower left to this month's and back issues.

The Food Project's e-BLAST Bulletin. Blast was started at the Food Project in Lincoln and Boston, MA . Click here for the full e-BLAST.

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