Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More children's songs with nutrition themes

A week or two ago, I mentioned the children's singer Wayne from Maine and his vegetables song, simply because my kids had recently enjoyed his performance. On reflection over the following week, I recalled a bunch of other songs by kids' singers and grown-up singers, whose food themes might have been equally worth mentioning.

The delightful local children's pop singer Steve Roslonek, whose act is called SteveSongs, has a "Veggie Song" on his recent album. My kids have called his the best show they ever saw (see here for more context on their reviewing standards). Other tracks from the same album -- including the title track Marvelous Day (.mp3 clip) -- are charming. So it must be good.

Want more on this theme? See, for example, this page from Songs for Teaching, with lyrics and music clips for more than a dozen children's songs on nutrition themes. I can't vouch for all of the nutrition details. "Vitamin Si" by John Forster and Michael Mark is a charming ode to citrus fruits and berries, but I'm making a mental note to ask my nutrition colleagues if it oversells vitamin C as a cure for the common cold. "Potato," by folk singer Cheryl Wheeler, already had a soft spot in our music shelf for kids, but it earned its spot through its silly rhythm, not its nutrition merits.


Barbara Fisher said...

Parke, there is also that old song from the "Schoolhouse Rock Days" of my childhood, that was played between Saturday Morning Cartoons: Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese. The song was sung by an animated wedge of cheese in a cowboy hat and boots, and the point was to make kids want to eat healthy snacks, not candy.

I still have part of the lyrics stuck in my head, thirty years later.

There is also "On Top of Spaghetti..." I am sure there are more, if I think about it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog...I'm really enjoying it.

Barbara...that animated wedge of cheese was "Timer" ("Hey Kids! Time for Timer!").

My favorite bit from Timer was "You are what you eat (from your head down to your feet!)"

You can find clips online with a google search.