Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Conservative Futurist says: "Quiznos, you lost my business!"

The politically conservative business-friendly weblogger finds he must explain his reluctant stance in favor of a boycott of Quiznos Subs.
Why? Because Quizno's makes claims like "low carb" and "healthy" without backing it up with facts. It is a chain of lies! Subway can release their information, so why can't Quizno's? After all, Quizno's claims to be the #2 sandwich joint in the nation.

I also must add that I am pained by this decision. I love Quizno's food. But, because of their silence on the nutrition info, I must assume that Quizno's has something to hide - probably the fact that their food is TERRIBLE for you. So, I will no longer eat there....

NOTE: I am aware that Quizno's lists nutritional info for TWO of their sandwiches. But that's all. Also, I am aware that Quizno's Australia posts nutritional data, but the sandwiches are different (as are the measurements).
For myself, I must admit to continued surprise at the company's stubborn stance. But dismay has long turned to bemusement, as this weblog's number one source of readers is people who were seeking in Google for Quiznos nutrition information and ended up reading this post and reader comments.