Friday, August 03, 2007

Sure, those weblogs are a great source of free publicity ...

Suppose you were a public relations staffer under contract to A&W, a fast-food hamburger chain owned by Yum brands.

Would you really think U.S. Food Policy is a promising source of free publicity?

Here's a comment on this weblog the other week:

Rebecca said...

I remember one morning I was up early and was randomly watching cartoons and the commercials were quite frightening. Sugar! Toys! Sugar! Candy! Toys!

I'm also working with, a group asking Americans to "Moove to American" and support 100% US beef. I appreciate your point of view. Thanks for the great post.


Join the Moovement! Support American Beef.
Mark Your Calendar for June 28th Moovement
Gotta love the subtle pandering to your pro-nutrition sensibilities with the opening paragraph about sugary cereal marketed to children. Rebecca's comment was to this post, which was followed up by this post and this one about the limits of voluntary corporate policies on food marketing to children. That's a great story line for A&W to join.

Similarly, with regard to real 100% American beef, the A&W folks may enjoy U.S. Food Policy's coverage of Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

Tana at I Heart Farms has more on this story, in a post entitled "Moove Your A-- Out of Here, Evil Marketing Idiots."

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