Thursday, December 06, 2007

Meat cloning as art

Xeni Jardin from boingboingtv today tries her hand at cloning meat, under the tutelage of a crew of artist/scientists.

If you're interested in meat that is not so much cloned as merely processed nearly beyond the point of recognition, see another boingboing post recently from Cory Doctorow, which links to a particularly clever and usable web-based display of nutrition facts for hamburgers and other fast food offerings. The application comes from a calorie counter, which also allows easy searches of the USDA database of nutrition facts for other foods.


Aliza said...

I really like the fast-food comparison research....would be a good replacement for the weak fact sheet (sponsored by YUM brands)about the same topic on the ADA's Nutrition Fact Sheets website.

Cate said...

Didn't see any other way to contact you, but just a heads up that your site is a finalist in the 2007 Food Blog Awards. Head on over to Well Fed to check it out.