Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Competing for the title of Worst Company in America (WCIA): Peanut Corporation of America

In today's poll at the Consumerist's contest for the Worst Company in America (WCIA), the matchup is Peanut Corporation of America versus American Express. Vote your choice.

The full bracket is available here.


Aliza said...

oh my gosh! are you going to have an office pool? i want to have one!

My Year Without said...

I'm just reading your blog for the first time. Very interesting and informative. I like it.

In my research and inquiries about white refined sugar over the past year has really sparked my interest in nutrition and public health policy. The buck did not stop with sugar, with me.

Great links and discussions on this site. I will be checking back and adding you to my blog list.

By the way, have you explored the new Harvard Food Pyramid? It's my most recent favorite topic of conversation.

Ashley Colpaart said...

I was surprised not to see some of the food companies: Tyson, Cargill,Pilgrims Pride, Monsanto?