Sunday, May 10, 2009

Food deserts on NPR's Living On Earth

On National Public Radio's Living on Earth, Jessica Ilyse Smith this weekend covers food deserts, particularly in New York City and Washington DC's eighth ward.
Many low-income neighborhoods in the United States lack access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables. Residents in these so-called ‘food deserts’ rely on neighborhood corner stores and fast food chains as their main sources of food. But, as Jessica Ilyse Smith reports from New York City, a number of programs are working to close the food gap by bringing healthy foods close to home.
Jessica is a graduate student at the Friedman School at Tufts. Mark Winne, who is interviewed in the segment, visited last year and this Spring. While still acknowledging Ward 8 as a food desert, it is also worth noting the retail that does exist as part of contemplating remedies. For example, see earlier reports in this blog and in the local DC blog, And Now, Anacostia, discussing both the new brand-name chain supermarket and older grocery stores.


yojimbo said...

Check out Corporate Accountability International's new Food Campaign, "Value the Meal." It's a multi-faceted attempt to combat the mechanisms that facilitate large-scale industrial food production. We are also focusing on obesity rates and the availability of healthy food to all.

You can view our blog here:
And for more info on the campaign:


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