Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Where is the dairy checkoff report to Congress?

This is not the first time we have run this headline.

Every July, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service is supposed to submit a report to Congress detailing the activities of the fluid milk and dairy checkoff programs.  These programs are responsible for the cheese promotions described in the Michael Moss NYT article last year.  The most recent report on the AMS website is the July 2009 report, which described the programs' 2008 activities.  The July 2010 report has not yet been posted as of July 2011.  My gentle email requests to AMS go unanswered.  Even though the good folks are busy, perhaps they will forgive a more public nudge.


Ashley Colpaart said...

Hi Parke,

Could you post the email of the contact you are nudging for this report? I too would like to nudge. I have seen the check off efforts to increase dairy consumption by encouraging the fast food undustry, mainly pizza chains, to increase the ounces of cheese they use on a pizza. I would be eager to see the report if you get your hands on it before me.


Alicia said...


My sister works at the USDA in Dairy programs. Although she is not responsible for this report, I forwarded your post to her, who then forwarded it to the appropriate person who work across the hall. They now know you are waiting for it. Hope this is of some help!