Friday, April 15, 2005

Porter Novelli touts candy with one side of its mouth...

... and the forthcoming replacement graphic for the Food Guide Pyramid with the other. Here is Kim Severson of the New York Times:

Candy lovers from [almost] 200 countries voted on a new M&M's color in 2002.

Purple won, and hundreds of newspapers and television stations reported the news. Web sites buzzed. Jay Leno worked it into his monologue on "The Tonight Show."

The campaign, regarded as a masterwork of food marketing, was created by Porter Novelli, one of the world's largest and most successful public relations companies.

Now the company is selling a different kind of product. Within the month, the Agriculture Department is expected to present a new icon to help Americans interpret the recently released federal dietary guidelines. For the company's work in designing the icon (which may or may not retain the shape of the current food guide pyramid) and for related tasks, Porter Novelli will receive nearly $2.5 million.
Thanks to the Center for Media and Democracy for the link.

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