Friday, April 15, 2005

The supermarket equivalent of high-fat milk

The Accidental Hedonist loves Mark Mumford of the San Francisco Chronicle. Here is the passage of Mumford's she quotes:

Remember how when you were a little kid and you drank gallons of pasteurized two-percent milk with your Oreos and you thought it was amazing and good? And then when you reached adulthood you (hopefully) got away from that nasty stuff and maybe switched to nonfat or even (hopefully) soy or almond or rice milk because you learned that milk is for babies and besides, those sad cows are pretty much bathed in noxious hormones and chemicals from birth? Remember?

And then one day you just so happened to be handed a glass of old-school milk and you remembered your happy childhood, so you took a big swig and almost gagged because it tasted like thick liquid phlegm and you were like, "Oh my God, how the hell did I ever drink this crap?" Supermarket Syndrome is exactly like that, except with buildings.

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