Friday, September 29, 2006

Where is the dairy checkoff program's 2006 report to Congress?

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, which oversees the commodity checkoff programs to get us Americans to eat more beef, pork, and cheese -- "Beef. It's What's for Dinner," "Pork. The Other White Meat." "Ah, the Power of Cheese." -- is required to send a report to Congress each July about the milk and dairy promotions .

Last year, even though the expert panel for the federal government's Dietary Guidelines found insufficient evidence to endorse dairy weight-loss messages, USDA's annual report boasted that dairy weight-loss messages were central to the milk and dairy promotions.

This year, the July 1 report has not yet been posted to the USDA/AMS website. AMS staff offered to send the report a while ago, but I have received nothing, and it seemed appropriate to start pressing a little harder.

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