Saturday, April 29, 2006


As suburban/city kids, our kindergartner and his little sister see farm life mainly through charming agricultural festivals and the wonderful tourist farms here in New England. My parents, their "Opa and Oma," who grew up largely in Oklahoma and North Dakota, wrote the children recently by email to check up on their agricultural knowledge. The grandparents asked the kindergartner what farm animals his little sister knows. Here is the kindergartner's response by email.
Dear Oma & Opa,

Thes are the anamose [she] wahts me to writ.

Boomy [Oma and Opa's dog], pig, Shep, Bar,Wugsuma, Zebra,Croc-ad-iole, bug

Love, ...

PS She wus in a crase mud, the hole E-mal,
"Wugsuma?," you may ask. Hey, that's what his sister said, in between bursts of giggles. He warned you that she was in a crazy mood during the whole e-mail.