Friday, May 18, 2007

Super Natural Cooking

Heidi from the weblog 101cookbooks has a cookbook of her own: Super Natural Cooking. I was reminded of this recently by a post in Viva Epicurea!. As a review in Simply Recipes describes, the book offers a mix of things to eat and things to think about:
Ever find yourself in the natural foods section of your grocery store wondering what one would do with amaranth or quinoa? Or have you ever looked for creative ways to incorporate "super foods" into your diet? Heidi lays it all out for us, explaining the foods you should have in your pantry, healthful grains to use in your cooking, the importance of including phytonutrient-rich colorful foods in your meals, and suggestions for super foods and natural sweeteners. The book includes over 80 recipes, most beautifully photographed by Heidi herself.