Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Franke James' dinner with a stranger

One of the friends who came to our "living richly" dinner last month sent along this clever idea, cleverly illustrated. Follow the link for the full story.


usfoodpolicy said...

The director of volunteer services for New York City's God's Love We Deliver points out that the charity -- which delivers meals at home to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses -- is also using shared dinners as a fundraiser. The nonprofit organization is encouraging restaurants to host events that draw more customers on Sunday evenings, in support of the meals program.


Anonymous said...

Hi Parke,

Thank you for blogging about my dinner with a stranger. And most importantly sharing with me your two related stories about Living Richly and Gods Love We Deliver.

I have twittered about your post and pointed people to your related stories.

This sentence by you in your Living Richly post resonates with me and has been our experience too:

"There is some kind of fairy-tale magic at work. Every time we give something up, we get more in return than we sacrificed."

We felt that giving up our car was a sacrifice we were willing to do -- because we wanted to do something about climate change that felt significant. I called it "doing the hardest thing first". But it hasn't turned out to be that hard after all. The benefits to us have far outweighed the inconvenience. Fitness, saving money, less stress, etc. And the ongoing fun of people's reactions ("What are you nuts? How do you get around?"). Great conversation starter. It's been two years now since we decided to go "car-free" -- and it will be the subject of a future essay.

Wonderful to meet you, virtually. Congratulations on your Living Richly dinner and inspiring so many in your community to take positive action.


Franke James, MFA
Author, Bothered by My Green Conscience
Artist and writer