Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second "Living Richly" dinner

My family and I hosted our second "Living Richly" dinner this past weekend. Almost 40 people came this time, but other families had schedule conflicts and the group of interested people seems to be growing rapidly.

Future coverage will discuss the projects our little community is planning: an information sharing web page (perhaps wiki) that links to our listserv and hyper-local frugal living advice and resources, a local food shared purchase and preservation project (including establishing a CSA pickup site, plus a schedule of food canning parties during the growing season, which I hope will involve some of the older women at our church who still remember canning from their childhood), a small gardening project, a "shared stuff" project for tools and equipment, and a small babysitting coop. We identified "champions" or leaders plus volunteers for each of these projects.

For this post, I thought you might be interested in the more detailed nutrition economics of the meal we served. The statistics are approximations, but pretty close. The menu was chicken curry, lentil dal, and coconut black-eyed peas, over large volumes of white and brown rice, with carrot sticks on the side and fruit salad for desert. The cost was about $1.40 per person, which happened to come close to the pro-rated cost of the Thrifty Food Plan (the official basis for the maximum food stamp or SNAP benefit).

The agenda for our next gathering will be just songs and games after dinner. The dinner meeting after that will give the leaders and volunteers for each of our projects a chance to explain what they have planned for the season.


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