Tuesday, May 10, 2005

First, I'd like to thank my supportive family....

Rebecca's Pocket kindly nominates U.S. Food Policy for the AO/technorati 100. But the comments on the technorati post announcing the competition are interesting. One category is Founding Fathers, which seems to mean people like Rebecca who were early innovators and have been treasured mentors and supporters for those who came after. I've been accustomed for years to mumbling gender-neutral corrections to myself, without much public fuss, so I wouldn't even mind nominating Rebecca and her pocket as Founding Fathers. An awards program from technorati may be superfluous in any case, because technorati's innovation already is to quantify the esteem that weblogs indicate through their choice of links on a minute-to-minute basis. I'll send nominations once AO and technorati have had the chance to absorb the comments, regain their confidence (we love the work you do!), and adapt their plans.

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