Monday, May 09, 2005

Wrapping up on obesity revisionism

The internet conversation following the lowered obesity mortality estimate from CDC researchers has continued. Effect Measure today tackles the broader implications of the revision, and dwells on the "personal choice" conundrum for efforts to address obesity:

[The revision] has not only confused people, but given them license to eat whatever they want (with a little help from their enemies; see the first of several good posts from Lindsay; and one from Effect Measure along the same lines). We are now probably further back then we were when the first CDC article came out in 2004 touting obesity as the leading cause of death in the US....

The bottom line is we can't win on obesity or any food issue if we portray it as a problem of "wrong choices." Even those who don't espouse that view went along with it because it seemed like it got us to a healthier place. It was a trap. And we fell into it.

Other webloggers who have covered this controversy include Daniel Drezner and Majikthise (mentioned above by Effect Measure), who in turn references Alas, a Blog, Left Oblique, and Kevin Drum. Also, U.S. Food Policy last month.

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