Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Multilingual "government speech": el cerdo es bueno

A study this week by Christopher Davis and Biing-Hwan Lin at USDA's Economic Research Service warns that the growing Hispanic population in the United States may limit pork consumption in the future. According to the report, Factors Affecting U.S. Pork Consumption, nonhispanic Black consumers eat the most pork, while Hispanic consumers eat the least:

Over the next two decades, the Hispanic population will claim a much larger share of the U.S. population, while growth in the White population will slow. As Hispanics become a larger portion of the population, their lower per capita consumption of pork, assumed to continue at the same level, will bring down total per capita consumption.
I guess that is why the most recent annual report for the USDA-supported National Pork Board is telling producers about the "outstanding success" of its outreach to encourage Hispanic consumers to eat more pork. The campaign uses the motto, "El cerdo es bueno" (Pork is good). There is a whole website in Spanish for this campaign.

El cerdo es bueno

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