Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization, from the Berkeley Economic Press, has a request for papers about the economics of anti-trust law in livestock and poultry markets:
Litigation and legislative proposals concerning marketing methods for livestock and poultry necessarily involve economic theories as well as the application of antitrust law and competition policy concepts. The litigation has invoked antitrust law, the Packers and Stockyards Act, as well as other statutes governing agriculture markets such as the check-off provisions that subsidize promotional activities on behalf of the industry. Legislative proposals include expanding the PSA, express prohibitions on certain methods of buying livestock, and proposals for a more general, agriculture specific regulation of competitive practices. These various efforts to re-order the operation of livestock and poultry markets raise major questions concerning the reconciliation of current industrial organization economics (both theoretical and empirical) with antitrust law, competition policy, and other market regulations.
The Berkeley Economic Press is a web-centered family of economic journals with novel solutions to both the ordinarily dysfunctional labor market for peer-reviewing and the dreadful problem of price gouging by commercial scholarly journals.

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