Friday, August 05, 2005

What's in the foods you eat?

From USDA's Food Surveys Research Group:
Check out the latest product from the Food Surveys Research Group: "What's In The Foods You Eat--Search Tool". The search tool provides easy online access to nutritional information about typical foods that Americans eat every day by using data files in the Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies. Users of the online search can easily search a database of 13,000 foods, view and select portions and weights for a food, and then view the nutrient values. Each result can be printed by the user.
For example, by searching for "McDonald's Chicken McNuggets," you can quickly find that one nugget has 54 calories, of which 31.5 calories are fat (more than 58 percent fat). Likewise, you can seach for "Quizno's" or "Fuddrucker's" and get the result: "No Food Codes Found."

[U.S. Food Policy editorial note: away on vacation until Aug. 15]

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