Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pepsi's Tropicana Peach Papaya with no peach and no papaya

Under the heading, "Pepsi Lies," Accidental Hedonist quotes from this Navigator report:
PepsiCo is changing the labeling on two of its fruit-flavored Tropicana beverages to reflect the fact that they actually contain little or no fruit juice.Despite being labeled as “made with real fruit juice”, Tropicana Peach Papaya actually contains no peace or papaya juice, and only a small amount of pear juice from concentrate. Similarly, Tropicana Strawberry Melon contains no strawberry juice or melon juice. Henceforth, both drinks will carry the statement: “flavored juice drink/from concentrate with other natural flavors”. They will still feature pictures of the fruits on their packaging.

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Anonymous said...

Well, in India at least they're honest about it, with Pepsi billboards everywhere blatantly exclaiming: Pepsi- contains no fruit